Vacuum Insulated Filter

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Vacuum Jacketed Filter is used to filter impurities and possible ice residue from liquid nitrogen storage tanks.

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The all series of vacuum insulated equipment in HL Cryogenic Equipment Company, which passed through a series of extremely strict technical treatments, are used for transferring of liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid hydrogen, liquid helium, LEG and LNG, and these products are serviced for cryogenic equipment (cryogenic tanks and dewar flasks etc.) in industries of air separation, gases, aviation, electronics, superconductor, chips, pharmacy, hospital, biobank, food & beverage, automation assembly, rubber, new material manufacturing and scientific research etc.

Vacuum Insulated Filter

The Vacuum Insulated Filter, namely Vacuum Jacketed Filter, is used to filter impurities and possible ice residue from liquid nitrogen storage tanks.

The VI Filter can effectively prevent the damage caused by impurities and ice residue to the terminal equipment, and improve the service life of the terminal equipment. In particular, it is strongly recommend for high value terminal equipment.

The VI Filter is installed in front of main line of VI pipeline. In the manufacturing plant, the VI Filter and VI Pipe or Hose are prefabricated into one pipeline, and there is no need for installation and insulated treatment on site.

The reason why the ice slag appears in the storage tank and vacuum jacketed piping is that when the cryogenic liquid is filled at the first time, the air in the storage tanks or VJ piping is not exhausted in advance, and the moisture in the air freezes when it gets cryogenic liquid. Therefore, it is highly recommended to purge the VJ piping for the first time or for the recovery of the VJ piping when it is injected with cryogenic liquid. Purge can also effectively remove the impurities deposited inside the pipeline. However, installing a vacuum insulated filter is a better option and double safe measure.

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Parameter Information

Model HLEF000 Series
Nominal Diameter DN15 ~ DN150 (1/2" ~ 6")
Design Pressure ≤40bar (4.0MPa)
Design Temperature 60℃ ~ -196℃
Medium LN2
Material 300 Series Stainless Steel
On-site Installation No
On-site Insulated Treatment No

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