Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Sustainable & Future

The earth is not inherited from ancestors, but borrowed from future children.

Sustainable development means a bright future, and we have an obligation to pay for it, on the aspects of human, society and environment. Because everyone, including HL, will go further into the future generation after generation.

As an enterprise participating in social and business activities, we always remember the responsibilities we face to.

Society & Responsibility

HL pays close attention to social development and social events, organizes afforestation, participates in regional emergency plan system, and helps the poor and disaster-affected people.

Try to become a company with strong social responsibility, to understand the responsibility and mission, and let more people willing to devote themselves to this

Employees & Family

HL is a big family and the employees are family members. It is the HL's obligation, as a family, to provide its employees with secure jobs, learning opportunities, health & old-age insurance, and housing.

We always hope and try to help our employees and the people around us to have a happy life.

HL established in 1992 and be proud to have many employees who have worked here for more than 25 years.

Environment & Protection

Full of awe for the environment, can be really aware of the need to do. Protect natural living conditions as possible as we can.

Energy conservation and saving, HL will continue to improve the design and manufacturing process, further reduce the cold loss of cryogenic liquids in vacuum products.

To reduce emissions in production, HL employs professional third-party organizations to recycle sewage and waste.