Management and maintenance of medical compressed air pipeline system

The ventilator and anesthesia machine of medical compressed air system are necessary equipment for anesthesia, emergency resuscitation and rescue of critical patients. Its normal operation is directly related to the treatment effect and even life safety of patients. Therefore, it needs strict management and regular maintenance to ensure the reliability of equipment operation. The mechanical transmission structure of compressed air supply device is easy to wear in long-term use, which has high requirements for the use environment. If we do not pay attention to regular maintenance or improper handling in the process of repair, it will cause a high failure rate of compressed air supply device.

With the development of the hospital and the renewal of equipment, most hospitals now use oil-free air compressor. Here we take oil-free air compressor as an example to summarize some experiences in the process of daily maintenance

(1) The filter element of the air compressor should be checked regularly to ensure smooth air intake and keep the air compressor in normal suction state.

(2) The shutdown and start-up of the oil-free air compressor should be within 6 to 10 times per hour to ensure that the lubricating oil in the sealing chamber will not dissolve due to continuous high temperature.

(3) According to the usage and the instructions provided by the manufacturer, add the corresponding grease regularly

Compressed air piping system

To sum up, the medical compressed air pipeline system plays an irreplaceable role in the hospital, and its use has the particularity of medical treatment. Therefore, the medical compressed air pipeline system should be jointly managed by the medical department, engineering department and equipment department, and each department should take its own responsibility and participate in the construction, reconstruction, file management and gas quality control of the compressed air system Verification work.

Post time: Apr-22-2021