Application of pipe prefabrication technology in construction

Process pipeline plays an important role in power, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy and other production units. The installation process is directly related to the quality of the project and the safety capacity. In the process pipeline installation, the process pipeline technology is a project with high technical requirements and extremely complex installation process. The quality of pipeline installation directly affects the quality of the transportation process, not only affects the product transportation process, but also plays a great role in the work. Therefore, in the actual process pipeline installation, the installation quality must be controlled. This paper discusses and expounds the control of pipeline installation and the problems that must be paid attention to in the field of pipeline installation in China.

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The quality control of process pipeline installation in China mainly includes: construction preparation stage, construction stage, inspection stage, inspection test, pipeline purging and cleaning stage. With the increasing technical requirements, in the actual construction, we must prepare, install, control and anti-corrosion work according to the actual situation.

1. Determine the installation scheme of process pipeline

Before the process pipeline installation is determined, the basic quantities of the project installation and construction must be defined according to the installation and construction site conditions and construction design. The main human and material resources of the construction shall be guaranteed by mastering the whole project development status and the main material and human resources of the construction unit. Through the system arrangement of material and manpower, comprehensive allocation is carried out. Under the condition of ensuring the construction progress, the corresponding process shall be organized and arranged to save the construction personnel and strive for the construction period, so as to enhance the use efficiency of large machinery such as crane.

As the key point of construction scheme preparation, the technical scheme mainly includes: accurate lifting scheme and welding process application. When welding of special materials and hoisting of large-diameter pipes, technical description of construction scheme must be improved, and the specific guidance basis shall be taken as the foundation of site construction and installation. Secondly, according to the construction scheme content quality and safety assurance measures, the construction scheme can be determined by integrating all aspects of factors, and the site shall be guided reasonably and orderly for the corresponding construction.

2. Application of pipeline prefabrication technology in construction

As a common process in China, pipeline prefabrication process must be paid attention to due to the imperfect prefabrication depth and low prefabrication quantity. For example, some construction projects propose that the prefabrication of pipelines must be more than 40%, which greatly improves the difficulty of construction enterprises according to the actual situation. As the key link of process pipeline installation, the prefabrication depth is still in simple prefabrication process in most enterprises in China. For example, the prefabrication process of straight pipe section with elbow and pipe two connection and one can only solve the simple installation problem of process pipeline. When piping equipment is installed, it can not play the role of pipe prefabrication. Therefore, in the actual construction, we must envisage the construction process in advance, and install the corresponding prefabricated shell at the installation position of mercury and heat exchanger under the conditions. In the simulated field pre assembly pipe, when the field assembly is completed, the welding joints of the simulated field group are pulled back to the corresponding prefabrication plant, and the automatic equipment is directly used for welding, and the corresponding flange is connected with bolts. Thus, manual welding work on the construction site can be saved and the installation efficiency of the pipeline can be enhanced.

Post time: Apr-22-2021